28.04.2021 – Sz Branżowa – j.angielski – TV addicts: A review.

Https - //www - Bigben Interactive - Co - Uk/wp The - Voice Uk Logo Png,  Transparent Png - kindpng
The Voice and Britain's Got Talent verdict: Daily Mirror Deputy TV editor  Mark Jefferies shares his thoughts on the show - Mirror Online
  1. Read this review of a British TV programme. Do you know the programme? If so, do you like it? If not, would you like to see it? Why/Why not? Przeczytaj recenzję brytyjskiego programu telewizyjnego. Czy znasz ten program? Jeśli tak, czy lubisz to? Jeśli nie, czy chciałbyś to zobaczyć? Dlaczego? Dlaczego nie?

Every Four Chair Turn from the Blind Auditions! | The Voice UK 2020 -  YouTube

My favourite programme is The Voice. It’s on BBC1. It’s on Saturdays at about 7 o’clock in the evening and they repeat the programme on BBC3 on Sundays.

In The Voice, four famous singers listen to members of the public sing. Each star decides if they like the person’s voice and if they want the person to be part of their team. Then the teams compete to see who has the best voice.

Personally, I love this programme because I love music and I also like game shows and reality shows. In my opinion, The Voice is really cool because the stars can’t see the person who is singing. They can only listen. I think that is much fairer than on other singing shows where they choose the winners because of their appearance, not because of their voice.

I would recommend The Voice to anybody who likes pop music and reality shows. As far as I am concerned, it is the best combination of those two types of programme that I have ever seen.

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14.04.2021 – Sz Branżowa – j.angielski – Hector goes shopping.

The top ten films about growing up | Discursive of Tunbridge Wells

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  1. Obejrzyj film.
  2. Przy oglądaniu filmu staraj się czytać napisy po angielsku.
  3. Opisz w pięciu zdaniach po angielsku, o czym jest ta historia.

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13.04.2021 – Sz Branżowa – j.angielski – Health watch: understanding written texts.

Happiness costs 95 000 dollars per year | LGT


Przeczytaj tekst. Uzupełnij luki w zdaniach 1-4 zgodnie z treścią tekstu. Luki należy uzupełnić w języku angielskim. Odpowiedzi zapisz w zeszycie.

Is Depression a Disease?

Depression – a modern disease.

Depression facts:

  • About 350 million people suffer from depression nowadays. It is one of the most common diseases according to WHO (World Health Organization).
  • Depression affects people of all ages: even children may be depressed.
  • There is nothing embarrassing about being depressed – it is disease which can be treated.
  • Its early symptoms cannot be ignored. The feeling of sadness, as well as any sleeping, eating or concentration problems which continue for more than a few days can be a warning sign.
  • It is possible to overcome depression.
Clinical Depression: Signs, Symptoms, and Sub-Types

How to prevent depression?

  • You should follow your passions and develop your interests.
  • Make sure you have a healthy diet, do exercise and have a good social life.
  • It is essential to get enough sleep – you need eight or nine hours of sleep at night.
  • It is also important to learn how to cope with stress connected with your school duties, social life, or a lack of self-confidence, as too much stress may lead to depression.
  • Last but not least, it is always a good idea to talk – to your friends, parents, teachers. Do not be afraid to talk to someone if you are not feeling well.
LED лампочка Lexman E14 3W 249лм цена | pigu.lt


  1. People can get depressed at any ________.
  2. Depression can ___________________ , especially if it is recognised early.
  3. Teenagers should sleep ________________ hours at night.
  4. Depression may be caused by ____________________ at school or in social life.
Our Flawed Pursuit of Happiness — and How to Get It Right - UCLA Anderson  Review

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12.04.2021 – Sz Branżowa – j.angielski – Present perfect with ever and never.

English Grammar Basics ONLINE - perfect your grammar at MTA
Лампочка лампа, лампа накаливания Иллюстрация векторного запаса Иллюстрация  вектора - иллюстрации насчитывающей : 165841846

1. Complete the sentences in your notebook with the present perfect form of see and visit./ Uzupełnij zdania w swoim zeszycie formą present perfect – „see” i „visit”.

Affirmative: He ___________ the doctor.

Negative: He____________ the doctor.

Question form: _____ he _______ the doctor?

2. Look at these sentences and choose the correct alternative. Write the answers in your notebook./ Spójrz na te zdania i wybierz właściwą alternatywę. Zapisz odpowiedzi w swoim zeszycie.

  • Have you ever/never tried to get a suntan?
  • Many people in the UK have ever/never been ice-skating.

3. Put ever or never in the correct place in these sentences and questions. Write the answers in your notebook./ Umieść ever lub never we właściwym miejscu w tych zdaniach i pytaniach. Zapisz odpowiedzi w swoim zeszycie.

Have you ______ had hot soup to stop a cold?

I have _______ felt sick in a car.

She is ______ taken medicine.

Has your dad _____ helped anyone in an accident?

Sam and I have _____ written a story about doctors.

Have you ______ done first aid?

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07.04.2021- Sz Branżowa – j.angielski – Hector’s Arrival.

The top ten films about growing up | Discursive of Tunbridge Wells


  1. Obejrzyj film.
  2. Przy oglądaniu filmu staraj się czytać napisy po angielsku.
  3. Opisz w pięciu zdaniach po angielsku, o czym jest ta historia.

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31.03.2021 – Sz Branżowa – j.angielski – Easter Traditions in Great Britain.

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Travel to London with Intercontinental Travel

Easter is important festival in Great Britain.

Easter Day is always on Sunday and it is in Spring.

The wish for this day is Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny – the symbol of Easter, it is a happy rabbit with basket.

The Easter Bunny: history of the rabbit 'essential worker' and when it's  supposed to deliver eggs

He brings these eggs to children on Easter Sunday.

On Easter Sunday morning children look for the eggs.

It’s a very exciting Easter egg hunt.

Easter is Near - Packaging Supplies TipsPackaging Supplies Tips

Children have a basket to collect the eggs.

Egg painting

Top View Easter Egg Painting Colorful During The Easter And Sky.. Stock  Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 135775861.

English children like coloring and decorating eggs for Easter.

Eggs are very important because it means spring and new life.

Easter egg tree

fabulous fashion and decor : Decorating Easter Egg Trees

Easter bonnet

At Easter people used to wear special hats.

Ideas | How to Make a Spectacular Easter Bonnet

They are called bonnets.

In some British primary schools, they organize an Easter bonnet parade, where the best bonnet wins a prize.

Highlights From New York's Easter Bonnet Parade | Easter hat parade, Easter  bonnet, Easter hats
Guide to the Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival in New York City

Maundy Thursday

Queen gives out traditional Maundy money

In Britain on the Thursday before Easter Sunday, the Queen goes to Westminster Abbey. She gives money to some poor people.

Westminster Abbey is a very famous cathedral in London.

Bilety: Opactwo Westminsterskie - Londyn | Tiqets.com

Good Friday

Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns Recipe & Video - Joyofbaking.com *Video Recipe*

Good Friday is Friday before Easter Sunday. On this day people eat hot cross buns. They are yummy.

These are small loaves bread of sweet bread with fruit and spices. The have a crust on top.

Easter egg rolling

Easter Monday In some areas ›egg rolling‹ is still popular today. People  take the eggs to the top of a hill and roll them down. The first egg to get  to the
egg rolling with a wooden spoon, Easter | Easter party games, Easter party,  Easter games for kids

Another English tradition is egg rolling. People take the eggs to the top of a hill and the eggs roll down. The first egg to get to the bottom of the hill is the winner.

Easter in Poland

Happy Easter!


Obejrzyj film oraz przeczytaj prezentacje. Zapoznaj się z tradycjami na Wielkanoc w Wielkiej Brytanii.


Смайлик-эмодзи 👇 'Указывающий вниз палец' ВК (ВКонтакте), Инстаграм,  Ватсап: код смайла, значение и расшифровка

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30.03.2021 – Sz Branżowa – j.angielski – Staying fit.

Exercise When You're Trying to Get Pregnant: Best Pre-Pregnancy Workouts

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Polecenie: Przeczytaj tekst oraz wyrazy. Naucz się nowych wyrazów.

Идеи на тему «Школьные темы» (13) | школьные темы, мультфильмы, иллюстрации

I don’t want to gain weight so I exercise every day to stay fit. I go to the gym and work out and then I have a lot of energy. I am building muscle so I can be really strong. I go jogging twice a week to get even more exercise.

to gain weight When I eat too much food, I gain weight.

to lose weight When I go on a diet and I don’t eat too much food, I lose weight.

How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight?

overweight I am getting bigger. Now I am overweight.

fit I eat healthy food and I do a lot of sports. I am fit.

Fat And Fit Men. Obese Man With Junk Food. Fit Man With Dumbell. Royalty  Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 77615324.

Ćwiczenie 1 : napisz brakujące słowa.

1. I weighed 102 pounds before I went on holiday. I was _______________. 2. I _______________ on holiday. Now I weigh 110 pounds. 3. Now I am 8 pounds _______________. 4. I need to _______________ now that I am home. I need to lose 8 pounds and I will be fit again.

gained weight overweight

lose weight fit

Творческая лампочка | Бесплатно векторы

to exercise I exercise so I stay fit and I don’t gain weight.

to go to the gym Many people go to the gym to exercise. There is a lot of exercise equipment at the gym.

What Goes Through My Mind Every Time I Go To The Gym | Thought Catalog

to get in shape If I want to look like him, I need to get in shape.

to go jogging I like to go jogging. It’s not as fast as running.

to go for a walk I get too tired from jogging but I like to go for a walk.

Do you go jogging with your partner? - GirlsAskGuys
Outside walks permitted during lockdown | Cape Business News

Ćwiczenie 2:

Co jest łatwiejsze, a co trudniejsze do zrobienia? Podkreśl poprawną odpowiedź 🙂

to gain weight easier or harder

to lose weight easier or harder

to go for a walk easier or harder

to go jogging easier or harder

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29.03.2021 – Sz Branżowa – j.angielski – Developing vocabulary: health and medicine.

Części ciała 3 – Przedszkole nr 15

1. painkillerlek przeciwbólowy

2. heart attackzawał serca

3. Health centreOśrodek zdrowia

4. Waiting roomPoczekalnia

5. food poisoningzatrucie pokarmowe

6. first aidpierwsza pomoc


Complete the sentences in the notebook with the missing words./Uzupełnij zdania w zeszycie brakującymi słowami.

  1. When I am ill, I go to the ___________________ near my house.
  2. Please take a seat in the ___________________ . The doctor will see you in ten minutes.
  3. Salmonella is a type of bacteria which causes _________________.
  4. To help avoid a __________________ , exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.
  5. I want to learn _________________ so that I know what to do if there’s an emergency.
  6. A: My back really hurts.
  7. B: Why don’t you take a ____________ ?
3 Healthy Eating Trends Registered Dietitians Recommend | Real Simple

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08.03.2021 – Sz Branżowa – j.angielski – Happy International Women’s Day.

Flower power: why a bunch is scientifically proven to cheer you up - 9Coach




Watch movies / Obejrzyj filmiki

Design your own postcard, use one of the next wishes 🙂

Zaprojektuj własną kartkę z życzeniami, wykorzystaj jedno z kolejnych życzeń 🙂

1.It's Women's day! Feel special and unique on the top of the world!/Dzień Kobiet! Poczuj się wyjątkowo i niepowtarzalnie na szczycie świata!

2.You are beautiful in everything you do! Wishing you all the best on International Women's Day./Jesteś piękna we wszystkim, co robisz! Życzę wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji Międzynarodowego Dnia Kobiet.

3. Best wishes for your special day! Live, Laugh and Love!/Najlepsze życzenia na ten wyjątkowy dzień! Żyj, śmiej się i kochaj!

4. Your smile makes heart sing. Thank you for being so wonderful! / Twój uśmiech sprawia, że serce śpiewa. Dziękuję, że jesteś taka wspaniała!

5. All best wishes on International women's day. Keep shining and smiling always!/ Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji Międzynarodowego Dnia Kobiet. Zawsze błyszcz i uśmiechaj się!

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